The futures market offers traders the ability to trade certain assets with dates in the future, such as trading stocks after the markets have closed or trading commodities based on a month in the future. The largest sector of futures trading is commodities.

What are Commodities?

The basic definition of a commodity is any item that can be purchased and sold later. Many of today's commonly traded commodities include strategic resources such as oil, natural gas, precious metals, and staple goods. The commodity markets are global and react rapidly to changes in supply and demand. In response to economic, political, and natural events, commodity prices will rise and fall rapidly. Traders of commodities pay special attention to the fundamental analysis as they seek to forecast the future output of assets.

Advantages of trading futures:

  • Future markets are very liquid

  • Lower trading costs

  • Futures are great for hedging risks

  • Longer trading hours

VESTINGFX provides low-cost, commission-free investment to all traders. There are no hidden costs or service charges. Instead, we deliver beautiful fixed spreads to hundreds of the world's most significant commodities. The investment process is fully open and allows for hands-on account management.

Diversify your trading portfolio with futures

You can trade the world’s major futures markets as CFDs on the Vesting 100 platform. When you open a CFD position on a commodity, you are not buying the underlying asset; instead, you invest in the changes in the commodities’ price.

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